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Skyscraper method involves finding popular existing content, make it better with the new trends & visual aids to get loads of powerful links.


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Publishing great content is not enough when it comes to a successful SEO campaign and backlinks on target sites. This is why our Skyscraper Backlinks service is pivotal to drive traffic to your webpages. In order to achieve high quality links from published content, this technique is a must. 

Skyscraper Backlinks start with research around trends, topics, and successful existing content. From there, the process involves these steps: 

  • Step 1: Finding the Right Content 
  • Step 2: Making Something Stronger
  • Step 3: Making the Right Connections 

Does it Work? 

This technique works. The name derives from the idea of continuing to build upon what exists. Skyscrapers grab attention, make you stop, and are clear markers in a crowded space. You are taking a skyscraper and adding more stories to it. You create the building people want to look at, walk into, and that commands authority. 

Skyscraper Backlinks work for a multitude of other reasons too, including: 

  • Demand through identifying successful content 
  • Connection by reaching an audience engaged in the target market 
  • Potential to provide more current information and therefore outrank other competitive pieces 

The process is straightforward through the three steps listed above. It involves finding popular existing content and identifying what makes it so. From there, the content can be improved by updating information, lengthening the piece, working in new trends, or adapting the piece with visual aids.

Finally, the Skyscraper Technique hinges on putting yourself out there. Our SEO managers send the piece out to site owners, point out the improvements over existing content, and ask for the backlink inclusion. Finding the right site to approach involves finding the right niche, topic interest, and article link in the current piece. We can do all that and more. Get in touch today!


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