0 to $2200/Month in 4 months with only 13 backlinks(Roofing Niche)

How do we get this client?

So it’s funny how we partnered up with this client. 

I reached out to the co-founder to get a link placed on his website for another client in the same niche.

He liked our outreach message so much that he asked the following:

first email
first email

We quickly got on a call. I asked a few questions and learned more about the business.

He owns an interesting business. It’s a roofing company, but they do affiliate marketing on their blog. And they are doing great in local business as well as affiliate marketing. 

Then I explained to him our process, and he was impressed. Within an hour, he placed an order for five backlinks on the DR30+ websites with traffic

1st Order – 5 Backlinks

We got started around 15th Nov 2021. And by the 15th, we got some incredible links pointed to one of the affiliate pages. 

Our Process

  • One of my VAs created a list of 120 high authority and relevant websites that we can reach out to.
  • We used our QA process with 23-filters and hand-picked all the pages on relevant sites with massive traffic. Read More about our QA process with 23 filters.
  • Over three days, a VA sent all personalized emails, and we started getting replies straightaway. 
  • After researching and filtering, we selected five blogs to use. 
  • 4 out of 5 backlinks were editorial links on the pages with traffic. That means we didn’t focus on domain traffic. 
  • We did one guest post because the blog is the absolute authority in the niche, but they didn’t have any relevant pages. So we created 1200 words long guest post on a relevant topic and sent it to their editor. 
  • We ended the campaigns with four editorial links and one guest post. 

Backlinks Quality

  • Average DR: 49.6
  • Average Traffic: 100K+
  • Page Relevancy: Very High
  • Domain Relevancy: High
  • Anchors: Optimized
links quality
rankings first campaign


Here are the results they are getting:

first campaign results
keywords movement

All the main keywords with high search volume moved up.

Page traffic went up from Jan 2022 itself. 

Happy Client!

So he orders again. Now eight links for another affiliate page.

2nd Order – 8 Backlinks

So he ordered 8 more backlinks for another affiliate page in mid-Dec 2021. 

Backlinks Quality

Average DR: 42.5

Average Traffic: 41K+

Page Relevancy: Very High

Domain Relevancy: High

Anchors: Branded and optimized


results campaign two
keywords movement campaign two

Final Thoughts

Both the pages have seen a massive boost after we built links. 

The total traffic value of two pages has increased to $2200 in just four short months. And remember, this is for Q1. Things will pick up even more from April.

Can you expect the same results? 

It depends on the website’s level. You need a solid foundation of Keyword research, On-page optimization, and technical SEO before building links. 

If you have the right foundation, then you can expect similar results.